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If your destination is open-ended — i. Select your dates and home airport s , and then scan the map for an affordable flight. To get the discount, you have to book the flight by phone and typically need to start travel within seven to 14 days.

However, there may be cheaper deals elsewhere, so compare the bereavement rates with regular fares from other airlines using sites such as Kayak or Last Minute Travel. These flights tend to have unfilled seats and often will be less expensive than midday flights. A red-eye trip from the Washington, D. Then multiply that number by to find out your rewards value. Several airlines post last-minute deals to their Twitter accounts. Become a NerdWallet member for free to find easy ways to grow your savings and trim bills.

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In addition to searching Cheapflights to find a last-minute flight, you can try the Cheapflights app, or the apps of other travel tools. Cheap last-minute flights are out there, but it might be easier to find deals with packages, rather than flights alone. Found an amazing last-minute flight that sounds too good to be true? Ask yourself the following questions, and more:.

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Doing some due diligence prior to booking can save you some hassle and frustration in the long run. You might not get seats together, but you may be more likely to all get on the same last-minute flight. Who knows when and if something better will come along. Have you ever booked a last-minute flight? Let us know in the comments below.

15 Websites That Offer Cheap Airline Tickets and Last Minute Flights

Cheapflights app Easy. Search the blog Categories.

Search for flights Toss out the book on the old way of thinking First things first; the rule book on last-minute flights has changed over the last decade. Be flexible with date and location Travel planning, image via Pixabay. Be willing to fly really late or really early In-flight, image via Pixabay.

Use your air miles Anyone who collects air miles can potentially use them to book last-minute flights. Avoid major holidays Waiting until the last minute to book your trip home for Christmas or to plan your spring break vacation is likely going to work against you. Be an airline stalker on social media Social media, image via Pixabay.

Use an app to find a last-minute flight In addition to searching Cheapflights to find a last-minute flight, you can try the Cheapflights app, or the apps of other travel tools. Get the Flight Out GTFO is another app and website that helps aspiring travelers be more spontaneous by helping them find the best-priced round-trip flights leaving from their location today or tomorrow morning.

Simply enter your home airport to discover last-minute flights to both domestic and international destinations. Just keep in mind that there are currently only a limited number of U. Hunt down a package deal Vacation, image via Pixabay.

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Ask yourself the following questions, and more: Does the airline in question get decent reviews? What do previous users have to say about the service? What can you expect from the experience?

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